U-Haul® organizations of Central California and Southern California are offering 30 days of free self-storage as well as U-Box® container utilization immediately after several harmful tornadoes tore through the states on Sunday night.

The storms toppled trees, power lines and structures, and countless households were damaged. Much of the damage occurred in Lee County, Alabama.

“Some of our neighbors arrived home on Sunday evening, only to discover their households in shambles,” mentioned Scott Fall, U-Haul Corporation of Central Alabama president. “As a nurturing member of these neighborhoods, we wish to make sure these individuals have a secure spot to put their belongings as the restoration process starts.”

Two U-Haul facilities have been made readily available to offer catastrophe relief. Family members looking for additional information or needing to reserve for 30 days free self-storage should contact the closest participating facility:

U-Haul shops offer required materials to help with tornado recovery like containers, tarps, propane as well as propane tanks. U-Haul advises consumers to make sure their tanks are topped off since propane could be ideal to posses in the event of extended power black outs.

With U-Box containers, you could quickly acquire our custom-designed trailer and take your U-Box together with you. U-Haul also could store your U-Box bin in our protected warehouses or pick up and bring it to a place of your preference.

U-Haul is the business leader in do-it-yourself moving as well as self-storage with a lot more than 21,000 places around the U.S. and Canada. In addition to their 30 days free self-storage catastrophe reduction program, U-Haul is happy to be at the center of supporting neighborhoods in occasions of need as an established American Red Cross Disaster Responder.